Giantess anal vore – crush, gaping and insertion

sofy’s boyfriend suddenly discovers that the innocent-looking girl has some secrets she’d never tell about, when he catches her shoving a huge black dildo up her ass, with her slender legs spread wide in the air. the young brunette beauty is so concentrated on her intense anal masturbation, that she doesn’t notice him watching at first. however, when he takes the dildo from her hand and assists her in getting her first anal orgasm, sofy soul can’t help her arousal and the beauty realizes that she has always wanted the extreme amateur anal.



anal sex

sex involving the insertion of the penis (or some other body part/object such as a dildo) into the anus

double anal

two cocks in the ass at the same time for maximum stretching.

dvda (double anal/double vaginal)

seldom tried, rarely completed, this is the holy grail of porn; the double-vaginal, double-anal.

Giantess anal vore – crush, gaping and insertion
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Added on: June 1, 2021